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Alicia Keys to Host the Grammys Again, Better Play Two Pianos Again

Alicia Keys Photo: CBS Photo Archive/CBS via Getty Images

Is there a Grammy for hosting the Grammys? No? Well, they better make one for Alicia Keys, who is hosting again in 2020 after doing an extraordinary job this year. Ever since she took us to Club Keys, effortlessly playing two pianos and covering everything from “Killing Me Softly” to “Boo’d Up,” we’ve wanted to return. Now she’ll take us back, hopefully with more capes and stoned presentations as well. This year’s ceremony takes place a little earlier than usual, on January 26, meaning nominations come out next week (and we’ll find out if Ms. Keys will make that list for best hosting of a music awards show). At this rate, she can tie LL Cool J’s five ceremonies in a row by 2023 — and honestly, we would like to see it.

Alicia Keys to Host Grammys Again, Better Play Two Pianos