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Westworld Season 3 Trailer: If You’re Going To Succumb To a Nefarious Tech Company, Make It Incite

Whether its Silicon Valley or the uncanny valley, as a busy modern sheep, you shouldn’t have to spend all your precious free time deciding between insidious technology companies, pricing out the many clearly evil corporations vying for the soul of (and date belonging to) America. Instead, mindlessly submit to Incite Inc. Gizmodo notes that HBO released this, their most recent Westworld trailer, at a recent WIRED panel entitled “The Future of Data: The Promise and Peril,” and between its release and the faux Incite website, the network seems dedicated to heightening your sense of creeping dread.

“Chaos is merely a pattern waiting to be uncovered,” the Incite site explains “You can help us chart a better future.” Does Incite’s pursuit of a “pattern” harken back to the series’ Maze? Or is the moral here simply a business lesson to be learned from Delos Incorporated’s recent embarrassments?Specifically, that if your robot theme park goes haywire and has to be temporarily shut down, the next big thing in evil tech is already waiting in the wings, ready to swoop?

Westworld Trailer: Chose Incite For All Your Evil Tech Needs