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Jeff Garlin Got the Memo, Put One Great Joke in His Stand-up Special Trailer

Last month, we decided we’d had enough of the prevalence of flashy, overly edited, out-of-context trailers for stand-up specials and proposed a simple solution using Anthony Jeselnik’s Fire in the Maternity Ward trailer as an example: Going forward, trailers for stand-up specials should just be one good joke. So far, it appears that our request has been heard: Instead of releasing a standard trailer for Seth Meyers’s Lobby Baby, Netflix uploaded a commercial parody for a new toy called “Standup Seth,” and today the streaming network released a trailer for Jeff Garlin’s new special that’s just one unedited, 25-second joke that perfectly encapsulates his perspective as a longtime comedian and actor most widely known for his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm: “I am immensely successful, but yet — you’d be think it’d be good enough being me — every single day, numerous people come up to me, and they say, ‘What’s Larry David really like?’”

Garlin’s special, Our Man in Chicago, was filmed in his hometown on the 37th anniversary (to the day!) of his comedy debut. A mix of storytelling and improv, the special debuts next week on Tuesday, November 12.

Jeff Garlin Got the Memo, Does One Joke in Special Trailer