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Only the True Friends Fans Will Know What Went Wrong With Jennifer Aniston’s Quiz

Rachel and Jill are back on yet another late-night blitz for that show they’re promoting, and, like a lotion and a powder creating an anti-leather paste, you know exactly what’s destined to happen: Friends trivia. The questions are easy and the guests are into it (we’ll just spoil that Julie Andrews declares “THEY WERE ON A BREAK!”), so we’ll posit another question for the show’s diehards instead. There’s a wrong answer that was deemed correct. What was it? Maybe it was Jennifer Aniston reminiscing about the British trifle. Or Reese Witherspoon fondly recalling her one good line about lactose intolerance. We guess life is gonna be this way for them, forever.

What Went Wrong With This Jennifer Aniston Friends Quiz?