Soothe Your Weary Bones With the Trailer for Joe Pera Talks With You Season Two

Boyfriend ASMR, or the type of video where a cute boy looks directly at the camera and talks feather-soft through a role-play scenario so it feels like audio Xanax, is having something of a moment. Lanky bois, the Cousin Gregs and Zach Woods of the world, are also (meekly, awkwardly, humbly) a bit of a thing right now. What perfect timing, then, for the season-two trailer for Joe Pera Talks With You to drop. By any definition, Joe Pera is the gangly-sweet clown prince of Boyfriend ASMR, and his warmly funny, charming Adult Swim series features him talking to not just anyone, but to you, the viewer, about such mercifully low-stakes scenarios as going for breakfast or falling back asleep. In this trailer, Pera talks to you from a beauty parlor, where he gets to use his famous beauty-parlor line on the be-curlered elderly ladies. Such a nice young man! Watch this trailer and you’ll be as tickled as Nana, Carol, Lulu, Jane, Donna, Rho, and Louise, whose best friend is wine. Joe Pera Talks With You’s new season premieres December 6 on Adult Swim. Until then, there’s always the ten-hour YouTube loop of his very festive animated special.

Soothe Your Bones With the Joe Pera Talks With You Trailer