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Sorry, Kanye Hasn’t Forgotten About His Plans to Run — er, ‘Walk’ — for President

Have we not suffered enough? Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images for Fast Company

The 2020 presidential race has its share of billionaires, but can any of them call themselves Christian and genius? We’ll just have to wait till 2024 for a candidate worthy of both those titles: Kanye West, but it’s “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West” to you. At Thursday night’s Fast Company Innovation Festival, the rapper doubled down on his 2024 presidential aspirations — “No, what y’all laughing at?” he chided the audience — and added that he might change his name to spite Forbes for not calling him a billionaire. (According to the business magazine, he was worth $240 million in June of this year.) Dollar amounts aside, West also boasted about the amount of jobs he’ll create through Yeezy — enough that he’s “not gonna run, I’mma walk” for president. If it does happen, we’ll expect him to join the race at a snail’s pace.

Sorry, Kanye Hasn’t Forgotten About His Presidential Plans