Kate McKinnon to Star As Crime-Fighting Cat Lady in New Series

Photo: Dan MacMedan/WireImage

In incredible news for cat and comedy lovers everywhere, Kate McKinnon has been cast in a new Hulu series based on the true story of a woman who busted an illegal exotic-cat operation. The series will be based on the Wondery podcast Joe Exotic (check out Intelligencer’s full coverage of the story here, written in collaboration with Wondery). This marks McKinnon’s second podcast-to-TV-show venture. McKinnon was previously cast as Elizabeth Holmes in the Hulu adaptation of ABC News’ podcast, The Dropout, which tells the story of the downfall of the blood-testing company Theranos. This is also the second Wondery podcast to be developed into a TV show; the first, Dr. Death, is headed to NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, and will star Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. Here’s hoping for a crossover between all of these podcast-TV hybrids!

Kate McKinnon Cast As Crime-Fighting Cat Lady in New Series