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SNL Invites You to Experience the Life-Destroying Depth and Colour of Farrow & Ball Paint

What kind of person would spend $110 on a single gallon of paint, not including primer, brushes, tax, and shipping from the United Kingdom? Why, the discerning customer of Farrow & Ball, the real-life premium British paint company. However, as Kristen Stewart, Aidy Bryant, and Beck Bennett revealed on Saturday Night Live last night, a person with extremely questionable decision-making around paint is probably also not making the best choices with regard to the rest of her life. Much like it only takes one fingerprint to ruin the finish of Farrow & Ball paint, it only takes one glimpse at a baby’s eye color to destroy a family. So please, don’t destroy your family. Destroy your bank account, with Farrow & Ball. Lulworth Blue and Ammonite, the colors mentioned in the sketch are, in fact, for sale for $110 a gallon, which is truly the biggest laugh of all.

SNL Celebrates the Life-Destroying Colour of Farrow & Ball