cut for time

SNL’s Cut-for-Time Open Mic Invites You to Feel Unsafe in the Loneliest City in the World

In this week’s cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch, Bowen Yang and Heidi Gardner host the pop stars of the future, fresh off the plane from their cult compounds in Pennsylvania and rocking the Los Angeles open mic circuit. Kristen Stewart and Kate McKinnon give Tegan and Sara a run for their money. Good thing for them, Chastity and Prudence can only run as far as the fence that surrounded their Village-style ahistorical enclosure. Melissa Villaseñor stops by as Reina de la Casa, a singer who’s a lot like Lana Del Rey, if Lana Del Rey once kicked her mom’s ass on Dr. Phil.

Meanwhile, Kyle Mooney’s Johnny Butters and his world-renown gutters need no introduction, and DJ/parkour artist Missile is hard at work on his book adaptation of the Harry Potter movies. You can see these beautiful freaks any day of the week in Silverlake. Or, if you live anywhere else on the planet, you can check out Ryan Murphy’s The Fence on FX, FXX, and FXNow, just as soon as he can get the fence to sign a few waivers.

SNL’s Cut Sketch Welcomes You to the L.A. Open-Mic Scene