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Manny Jacinto and His Jawline Protested With Jane Fonda

Photo: John Lamparski 2019/Getty Images

Jane Fonda has made a habit of getting arrested for protesting inaction on climate change in Washington, D.C., over the past few months, but the actress and activist made sure to avoid the plastic cuffs this time while others led the action. Amber Valletta, Piper Perabo, Diane Lane, and Manny Jacinto, who was looking excellent in his eyeglasses, joined Fonda for today’s Fire Drill Friday, with all three of the women finishing their day under arrest. Jacinto, who was present on the speaker’s podium when Fonda addressed this week’s assembled protesters, was not hauled off by the law. Considering her last arrest resulted in her having to spend a night in jail, Fonda agreed to avoid arrest once again this week (as she’s done for previous Fire Drills as well), so as not to court a longer jail sentence. She will, of course, continue to attend the Friday demonstrations, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Washington, D.C., attorney general’s office will not charge the 81-year-old for her previous arrests. Here’s what it looked like today as the celebrities were being hauled off.

Here’s Fonda speaking to the crowd, with Jacinto standing politely in the background and Lane proudly holding an umbrella over Fonda.

And here’s Jacinto looking dashing in those glasses.

Manny Jacinto and His Jawline Protested With Jane Fonda