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Martin Scorsese Swears He Just Couldn’t Find the Time to Make Joker

Enough with the superhero movie questions. Enough. Photo: BBC

The Todd Phillips Joker movie has been grouped in conversation with Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, with Joaquin Phoenix’s interpretation of the character being compared to a sort of 2019 Travis Bickle. But instead of being a pseudo-Scorsese picture, it could have been more like the real thing — if only the legendary director had time to make it. In a new interview, Scorsese says he “thought about it a lot” over the past few years, but ultimately “didn’t have the time” to produce it himself, despite being connected to the film in development with Phillips back in 2017. He also didn’t really vibe with the character being a comic-book figure. They’re just not his thing, but before anyone gets upset, he did offer some kind words for those who do make superhero spectacles, saying, “It doesn’t mean it’s bad art, it’s just not for me.” Scorsese added, “The superhero films, as I’ve said, are another art form. They are not easy to make. There’s a lot of very talented people doing good work and a lot of young people really, really enjoy them.” That answer should be pleasing to Disney chief Bob Iger. You can watch the director’s full comments below.

Scorsese Swears He Just Couldn’t Find the Time to Make Joker