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Mike Birbiglia Explains How Parenthood Is a Highly Infectious Disease

Comedian Mike Birbiglia returns to Netflix later this month with the debut of his latest special, The New One, which originated as an Off Broadway show last year before moving to Broadway soon after. Like the live show, the special follows Birbiglia as he mixes “observational and confessional comedy as he struggles with the existential question of whether he wants to bring a child into the world.” In the first trailer, released today, Birbiglia lays out why parenthood is no different than a disease — and, well, actually even worse than that. “Maybe I have a low tolerance for children, because I’ve lost a lot of great friends to kids,” he says. “Because it really is like a disease in some ways, but it’s worse than a disease because they want you to have it too. They’re like zombies: ‘You … should … have … kids … too.’ I’m watching you do it, and I’m thinking, I’m gonna not.” (Spoiler alert: He did.) Watch the full special when it makes its Netflix debut on Tuesday, November 26.

Mike Birbiglia Knows Parenthood Is a Very Infectious Disease