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Noah Baumbach Swears Ex-Wife Jennifer Jason Leigh Liked Marriage Story

A once-happy couple. Can’t you tell? Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images for AFI

If you haven’t heard by now, Noah Baumbach’s concept for his new movie Marriage Story didn’t come out of thin air: It’s inspired in part by the director’s own 2013 divorce from actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. And though you’ll definitely leave the theater (or couch, once it hits Netflix) siding with one member of the film’s couple or the other (*cough* Charlie *cough*), Baumbach wants you to know there are no sides to be taken in real life. “I showed her the movie a little bit ago,” he told WSJ magazine of Leigh, who also read the script. “She likes it a lot.” But come on, can we ever really trust a man? Jennifer, if you’re reading this: Is that true? We can be a little more sure that Baumbach’s current partner, fellow film auteur Greta Gerwig, enjoyed the movie: “I think the first time I showed it to her, she watched it in the cutting room and sent a photo of herself crying after the opening montage,” he added. We’ll be awaiting Baumbach’s review of Little Women now.

Noah Baumbach Says Jennifer Jason Leigh Liked Marriage Story