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Hang In There One Day at a Time Fans, The Show Will be Back Soon!

Photo: Michael Yarish/Netflix

This is it, One Day at a Time fans: at a Vulture Festival panel celebrating the season, Pop TV announced that the show’s fourth season will be returning in the spring. After being cancelled at Netflix and then rescued by Pop earlier this year, One Day at a Time’s new 13-episode season will appear in March 2020.

Although the show is only a few weeks into the writer’s room for the new season, the creators talked a bit about what the switch to Pop is going to mean for the series. While in the past full seasons have appeared on Netflix all at once, the new season will run weekly. “We’re so excited!” creator Gloria Calederon Kellett said. “We get to have a breath between each episode.”

One Day at a Time’s creators are also hoping that a weekly release schedule will mean more regular, more extended audience engagement with the show, especially because the new, shorter Pop production window means that the show can also be more topical. One other change: the show will now air with a more traditional network sitcom runtime and formatting, something that came as a surprise to star Rita Moreno. “We’re gonna have commercials?!” Moreno asked incredulously. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break it to you this way,” our moderator Maria Elena Fernandez said.

Moreno and co-star Stephen Tobolowsky demurred on whether season four will involve Rita’s character Lydia actually falling in love with Dr Berkowitz and inviting him “behind the curtain.” Tobolowsky explained that his barber recently told him that Jewish families who settled in Central America frequently took the last name Alvarez, which means that in fact, Dr. Berkowitz and Lydia might be relatives. “You’re asking me to schtup a relative?” Moreno asked.

It remains to be seen whether a backstory like that will actually make it into the show, but at least One Day at a Time fans won’t have to wait that much longer to find out.

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Hang In There One Day at a Time Fans, The Show Returns Soon!