The Party Down Cast Knows Exactly What Podcasts Their Characters Would Host


It’s been 27 years since Lizzy Caplan, Ryan Hansen and Ken Marino reunited to discuss Party Down (at least, it feels that long), but, while visiting Vulture Spot host Jamie Loftus at Vulture Festival this weekend, the trio was still able to immediately access their characters’ internal lives and answer the critical question: What podcast would your character now host, in this, the era of the podcast boom?

According to Ken Marino, Ron is hard at work building the audience for his Dos And Don’ts podcast, though it does seem to be stalled at 15 listeners. Meanwhile, Ryan Hansen’s Kyle is hoping to pull in the youth demographic with Underground Pop-Rock TikTok. Lizzy Caplan’s Casey has maybe the most intriguing podcast at all: a My Dad Wrote A Porno-style pod about a found novel that is, in fact, a front for Casey to share her own erotic fiction.

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Party Down Cast Knows the Podcasts Their Characters Now Host