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Don’t Mess With Abigail Spencer in the Trailer for Hulu’s Revenge Drama Reprisal

Revenge is a dish best served by Abigail Spencer, or so Hulu says with its new series Reprisal. Spencer plays a woman out for a vengeance against her brother, who once dragged her through a field on the back of a truck for reasons unspoken. But whoever would dare to mess with her should be prepared to pay the consequences, she proves in the trailer, as she begins exacting her revenge in a series of gang fights. And who wouldn’t want to watch a full season of that? Along with Spencer, the series stars Rodrigo Santoro and Mena Massoud, a.k.a. the new Aladdin from Disney’s live-action remake. The whole thing comes out December 6 on Hulu. Until then, you’ll have to be content listening to Spencer say, “So, I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Don’t Mess With Abigail Spencer in Hulu’s Reprisal Trailer