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Roy Wood Jr. Is the Best White House Reporter

Roy Wood Jr. on The Daily Show. Photo: YouTube

This week started with the president getting booed at a baseball game, arguably the best “state of the nation” moment to happen in years. America’s pastime is now not only baseball, it’s getting political and prefacing it by saying “not to get too political, but … ” This week, late night got political, as it is wont to do, but it did so more on its own terms than it has in a long time. Jimmy Kimmel cited specific beefs with POTUS, Trevor Noah pulled from his own Dancing With the Stars experience to call out Sean Spicer, and James Corden attempted to stay above it all by flying business class with Trump fan (and Kanye West superfan) Kanye West. Here were the best moments, political or apolitical, to grace late night this week.

5. Samantha Bee Salutes the Weinstein Shamers

The spookiest thing to happen last month was the reemergence of Harvey Weinstein in public spaces. Weinstein was invited to a showcase in New York in late October, and only three women objected to his presence. Full Frontal gave these brave women a chance to get some more yelling out of their system, and maybe get a Twitter follow or two.

4. Conan Keeps WaPo in Check

There are enough headline gaffes in the media that the World’s Worst Editor has become a recurring Conan character. Last time, he represented the New York Times when that paper promoted one of their stories with a buckwild tweet. This time, the Washington Post couldn’t get an appropriate headline about the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. First too glib, then too fawning, on Conan WaPo doubled down on the weirdly chummy way they reported on al-Baghdadi. What’s your favorite headline? Mine’s probably “Naughty Hottie al-Baghdadi Goes Potty, Loses Earthy Body.”

3. Jimmy Fallon Is Good at Being Bad at Losing

The thing that separates decent home chefs from their professional counterparts is the latter’s speed and efficiency. A home chef can make a respectable filet mignon, but a professional can turn out 20 in half the time. Eleven Madison Park’s Daniel Humm came in second in the race through the Tonight Show studios, but he still managed to make a real dish with dynamic flavors. Yes, Jimmy Fallon, peanuts and Coke are a thing. As Questlove says, “This is something to me.”

2. The Doob Goldberg Machine

The “Teen Slang” segment on Late Night With Seth Meyers is hit or miss, usually with more misses than hits. The thing this segment doesn’t understand about Young People Today is that teens are rarely looking for words that fit specific circumstances. Rather, they want general use exclamations that can be slotted into as many situations as possible. Because teens are corny, and they aren’t ashamed to recycle jokes ad infinitum. But when you create an elaborate joint-lighting machine, then smoke that shit on-air, you’ve got a hit.

1. Do Not Trust The Daily Show

The Trump administration should consider hiring Roy Wood Jr. to replace Kellyanne Conway. Wood perfectly embodied the doublespeak and insane troll logic that the White House spews on the daily. Political humor has been sucking as of late, but when the jokes are performed with enthusiasm and on-game for the performer, it’s fucking fun.

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Roy Wood Jr. Is the Best White House Reporter