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Saoirse Ronan Straight Up Slapped Florence Pugh Before Their Little Women Fight Scenes

Sisterhood is complex, okay? Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures

What did Midsommar do to Florence Pugh? It seems our May Queen came off Ari Aster’s set and onto Greta Gerwig’s Little Women utopia with a little taste for violence. Pugh plays the youngest March sister, Amy, and at the risk of spoilers, Amy does not get along with her older sister Jo, played by Saoirse Ronan. (The other Marches are Emma Watson’s Meg and Eliza Scanlen’s Beth.) But before they would start their fight scenes, Ronan explained to Variety, Pugh had one request. She needed Ronan to “slap her in the face.” “Which I did,” Ronan confirmed. As much as “Saoirse, slap me!” is 100 percent a Lady Bird stan tweet we would like on Twitter, what was happening on the Little Women set?

“We had the most energetic, emotional set,” Ronan explained to Variety. “We were loud and on top of each other all the time, making dirty jokes, messing about. We supported each other and egged each other on.” So, you’re telling me four rambunctious girls and a gallant boy next door actually got into all sorts of trouble in the New England countryside? Life really does imitate art.

Saoirse Ronan Slapped Florence Pugh for Little Women Fights