Sara Lee Is Extremely Chill About Those Filthy Instagram Comments You Left Following SNL

If you didn’t watch Saturday Night Live last night, you, too, might be wondering why the Sara Lee Bread Instagram account is being bombarded with comments like “wreck me daddy” and “destroy me king.” As it turns out, fans inspired by Bowen Yang and Julio Torres’s sketch about Harry Styles as a wildly incompetent Sara Lee social-media manager started to leave filthy messages under the brand’s photos, then grew dismayed when their comments seemed to disappear. According to Sara Lee, however, your eggplant emojis have not been deleted. Instead, the brand reportedly hid your comments until they could figure out why in God’s name everyone was suddenly horny for bread.

“We didn’t know about or participate in the creation of the skit so as you can imagine, waking up to all those comments threw us for a bit of a loop,” Sara Lee told the Advocate in a statement on Sunday. “We didn’t delete any comments but did temporarily hide them until we could read through and understand what happened. All comments are now visible and we will be monitoring for any that violate Instagram standards. While the explicit jokes in the skit do not align with Sara Lee Bread’s brand, we know SNL pushes the envelope for laughs and are taking it all in stride.” Okay, Sara Lee, but consider this your first warning.

Sara Lee Cool With Filthy Comments You Left After SNL Sketch