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Rihanna Is ‘Bad’ at ‘Taking Pictures,’ Seth Meyers Bravely Declares

They say “Never meet your heroes,” but somehow they don’t say “Never take your heroes to get day drunk and film it for a national audience.” Unfortunately for Seth Meyers, that piece of advice would’ve come in handy before he and his longtime crush, Rihanna, got absolutely wasted while the sun was still high in the sky. It got perfectly messy enough to find out Rihanna’s fatal flaw (and, no, it’s not about her wink, which is cute). “Rihanna’s bad at taking pictures,” he straight up told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Homegirl cannot take a selfie, at least, while intoxicated. This is the Rihanna who has an entire visual autobiography selling for hundreds of dollars. Something you might notice? Very few selfies in the book! Meyers backs up his thesis with an example photo from their drunken escapade. At least one of them made it into the photo … kind of.

Rihanna Is ‘Bad’ at ‘Taking Pictures,’ Seth Meyers Declares