Harry Styles’s SNL Promo Lets You Fantasize About Lying in a Leaf Bed With Harry Styles

Harry Styles is set to pull double duty on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He’ll be hosting for the first time and musical-guesting for not the first time, having performed on the show as recently as Jimmy Fallon’s episode in 2017 (where he also showed up in a sketch as Mick Jagger). The show released the first promo for the episode today, where Styles is joined by cast member Kenan Thompson in a truly beautiful celebration of fall. It’s just Harry, Kenan, a gorgeous tree and pile of autumn leaves, the anticipation of the wonderful and very American holiday of Thanksgiving, and a warm and inviting sense of togetherness — until, of course, writer Dan Licata crashes the party in his breakout role as Leaf Blower Guy. “You guys need to leave,” he tells them. “Yeah, leaves!” Styles replies. “We love leaves!”

Harry Styles’s SNL Promo Has Big Pumpkin Spice Energy