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Professors, Add This SNL Drug-Dealer Sketch to Your Macroeconomics Lectures

If you’re going to attempt a mutiny against your fellow drug-dealing brother in arms, at least be sure you have a basic understanding of supply-side economics. Quan (Chris Redd) learned that the hard way on SNL this week, when, after realizing his medley of illicit treats aren’t as easy to sell as standing on a street corner with plastic baggies, asks — no, begs — his ousted partner (Kenan Thompson) to return to help him. You can’t flood the market, after all. You gotta weigh the earnings against overhead. And then project seasonality of market trends, so even though it’s quarter four right now, you’re setting up for quarter two of next year. And don’t even get us starting about the shell companies to hide the cash! Are you taking notes?

Teachers, Put This SNL Drug Sketch in Macroeconomics Classes