Harry Styles Is an Extremely Cool Little Brother in This Cut SNL Sketch

No episode of Saturday Night Live would be complete without a “Cut for Time” sketch starring Kyle Mooney, so while “Jason” didn’t make it into the live show during Harry Styles’s episode, it’s still very much worth the watch. In the pretaped music video, Mooney plays a decidedly not cool older brother named Scotty, who raps about what it’s like to be a high-school senior who gets bullied while his younger brother, Jason (Styles), has a very different experience as an extremely cool freshman. With a little bit of help from his friend Colby (Chris Redd), Scotty insists that he doesn’t care about whether or not he’s cool and that “cool,” to him, is doing stuff like drawing castles, “reading for pleasure,” and following the rules — just don’t bring up the wrestling-team thing because he’s still pretty hurt about that. Jason also gets a turn to rap and explain himself, and in his defense, he may be pretty cool, but he’d also give away all of his coolness to be just a little bit more like his big bro, whom he loves very much. Also, he’s had sex, just FYI.

Harry Styles Is a Very Cool Little Brother in Cut SNL Sketch