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SNL Rightfully Continues Canine Antics With Hero-Dog Sketch

Someone over at SNL has made the correct choice, and the brave choice, to feature dogs in sketches in two episodes this season. And oh, what a debt we owe to them. Reoccurring bits on SNL have the difficult job of walking the line between repetitive and charming, but somehow, watching a dog clearly misunderstand the concept of live television never gets less delightful. This week, Cecily Strong played a dog translator for Conan, the K-9 officer who aided in a terrorist raid in Syria. Strong is valiant in her efforts to keep this giant dog from moving around on what is clearly a flimsy prop podium, but the giant dog is determined to do what he wants to do, which is be a gentle agent of chaos. Someone also made the — again, correct — call to mic Conan the dog, because we can hear his quiet grumbles throughout the sketch. We are all the better for it.

SNL Continues Canine Antics With Hero-Dog Sketch