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Do Your Part, Coward, and Enjoy the Queer Energy of This SNL Wartime Trio

We can do it! But if you’re too lazy to do it and need to be verbally harassed to go kill some Nazis overseas, please allow Barb, Norma, and Dot to change your mind, a trio of slug-thumper BFFs who all happen to be in the running to become the face for America’s war-propaganda posters. They’re bawdy. They’re grotesque. They would absolutely drive Colonel Klink to the point of monocled insanity if they were given the chance to fulfill their German wartime dreams. “I’d take that Hitler and I would shove his head right up my ass until he was dead,” one opines. “I’d fight Hitler, I’d strip him naked, and march him across Poland with a Lucky Strike stuck between his cheeks.” It’s a shame they weren’t chosen as models. They would’ve gone nude.

Do Your Part and Enjoy the Queer Energy of This SNL War Trio