Stephen Colbert, Lord of the Rings Disciple, Is Taking His Show to New Zealand and Back Again

Colbert, in his previous LoTR glory. Photo: Todd Eyre/Warner Bros.

Helpful life hack: Devote the majority of your life to passionately reading and loving a literary franchise, and then convince your late-show show that you have to visit the place the movie adaptations were filmed. Seems simple to us! Stephen Colbert, a noted fanboy of anything remotely associated with Lord of the Rings, has taken The Late Show to New Zealand for a week of shows — and all of the episodes will begin airing on Monday, November 18. Among other activities, Colbert secured a coveted interview with Peter Jackson and they’ll be filming a LoTR “spinoff” together (one does not simply film a spinoff), and he’ll also do segments with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Lucy Lawless, Bret McKenzie, and the country’s national rugby team. My precious, precious Colbert, how fun this will be.

Colbert Is Taking His Show to New Zealand and Back Again