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David Harbour, Dadbod King, Toasts His ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Status

Forget the swole Hellboy: David Harbour (and David Harbour’s physique) will eternally be remembered as the platonic #dadbod ideal thanks to his prickly police-chief role in Stranger Things. He’ll also now be remembered as one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive for 2019, which he’s thrilled about, even if he’s only (only) quarter-page sexy. Or 25 percent as sexy as Idris Elba. Or .05 percent as sexy as John Legend. It’s just the thought that counts. “I’m very excited for People Magazine, as next month they’re going to release Men Wandering Around Lower Manhattan’s Bed Bath & Beyond Looking for the Perfect Dish Towel. I’m also in that as well,” he joked on The Late Show. “I’d also like to say I got Sexiest Man Alive when I got a full mustache and a 40-inch waist. So thank you, America.” No, we should be thanking you.

David Harbour, Dadbod King, Toasts Sexiest Man Alive Status