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The Bachelor’s New Trailer Wants You to Trust This Clumsy Pilot

Once we get you up there, where the air is rarified, you’ll be competing against 29 other petite social media influencers for Peter Weber’s heart on The Bachelor. ABC released a first-look trailer for our injury-prone pilot’s upcoming season, and as you would expect from a man who single-handedly pioneered the concept of windmill sex, there’s a whole lot of shirtless canoodling and, uh, even more shirtless canoodling. (“I don’t want this to feel like this is all about sex,” he coos, “but I have been intimate.”) But the big surprise comes right at the end, when none other than the Bachelorette who rejected him, Hannah Brown, pays Weber a visit and teases that she may want him back. (During her DWTS training? Where does she find the time!) Stock up on your rosé rations before the season premieres on January 6.

New Bachelor Trailer Wants You to Trust This Clumsy Pilot