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Just a Whole Bunch of Questions About Baby Yoda

What to expect when you're expecting a Baby Yoda.
What to expect when you’re expecting a Baby Yoda. Photo: Disney+

After a bit of space-adventuring and Blurgg riding, The Mandalorian ends its first episode with a major reveal: There’s a new little green bundle of joy in the Star Wars universe. Our chrome-headed antihero spends the episode tracking down a mysterious 50-year-old target, which turns out to actually be a 50-year-old Baby Yoda. Well, not Yoda exactly: The Mandalorian discovers a cute, baby-eyed creature that appears to be the same species as the most powerful Jedi tutor in the Galaxy.

All we know so far is that Baby Yoda is very cute, so much so that the Mandalorian shot a droid bounty hunter to protect him (understandable), and then paused to re-create The Creation of Adam by sticking his finger toward its floating crib (this bounty hunter lives for art history, apparently). While Vulture’s staff is similarly willing to go to war in defense of Baby Yoda, we still have many, many questions about it and what it means for the Star Wars universe. We convened to lay out all our Baby Yoda–related questions (and also demand that The Mandalorian answer them as quickly as possible, especially the ones involving diapers).

1. Where did Baby Yoda come from? Was it born, hatched, or what?

2. Is Yoda the father of Baby Yoda? If so, does Baby Yoda have a mom?

3. There’s already a fan theory that the mom is Yaddle, a minor character we all surely remember from Attack of the Clones. If Yoda is the dad and Yaddle is the mom, what is the baby’s name? Yodle? Yoddler? Yaby? Lil’ Yoda?

4. The characters on The Mandalorian speculate that Baby Yoda is 50 years old. If they’re right, who was hiding him for all this time — throughout the rise of the Empire and subsequent rebellion — and why?

5. How many Yoda-like creatures are out there? Is Baby Yoda the last one?

6. Is Baby Yoda force sensitive?

7. Does Baby Yoda’s crib float on its own, or did Baby Yoda make it float?

8. What will it look like when Baby Yoda has a tantrum?

9. Will future episodes of The Mandalorian revolve around Baby Yoda causing chaos, a la Jack Jack in The Incredibles? (Please say yes.)

10. Does Baby Yoda wear diapers?

11. Does the Mandalorian even know how to change diapers?

12. What does Baby Yoda eat? Does it drink from bottles? Does the Mandalorian’s ship have a dishwasher?

13. Will the Mandalorian have to hunt down Yoda-appropriate forms of baby food? Is this where the green milk from The Last Jedi could be useful?

14. Does the Mandalorian need to throw a baby shower now? Where is he registered?

15. Will Baby Yoda learn to speak like Yoda if it’s raised by the Mandalorian?

16. What are the developmental benchmarks a Baby Yoda should be hitting? Does the Mandalorian need to read up on some parenting literature?

17. Most parenting literature suggests it’s very important for babies to watch their caregivers’ faces. Will the Mandalorian need to take off his helmet so Baby Yoda can learn empathy?

18. [Types into Google] baby yoda sleep training how?

19. Are there more Baby Yodas for this Baby Yoda to have playdates with?

20. Should the Mandalorian check out Mommy Poppins for the best Baby Yoda playgroups? Does Mommy Poppins even cover that part of the galaxy?

21. Can you leave a Baby Yoda with the fish nuns? Are fish nuns even certified daycare providers?

22. Is Baby Yoda innately endowed with ass-kicking lightsaber skills? How young is too young to give a Baby Yoda its fight lightsaber?

23. At what age will The Mandalorian be appropriate viewing for Baby Yoda, according to Common Sense Media?

24. Wookieepedia says that members of Yoda’s species possess a “sub-brain” that activates when they have visions. Uh, what’s up with that?

25. Does Baby Yoda qualify as a Muppet Baby?

26. Is Disney+ planting the seed for a Muppet Babies/Star Wars crossover?

27. Will there be a future scene in which Werner Herzog says, “Baby Yoda, I am your father”?

28. Will Baby Yoda eventually become Teen Yoda? Will it be a teen for centuries?

29. Wait, what if Baby Yoda becomes Teen Goth Yoda?

Just a Whole Bunch of Questions About Baby Yoda