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Tig Notaro Interviews an Extremely Nervous Lena Headey on Under a Rock

Tig Notaro’s bizarre Funny or Die web series Under a Rock With Tig Notaro returned for a new season this week, and the comedian is joined by someone who admits she’s nervous and really hates being interviewed — Game of Thrones star Lena Headey. Of course, interviews work a little differently on Under a Rock, considering the whole point of the show is that Notaro has no idea who she’s talking to. Or as she explains it in the intro: “I don’t follow a lot of pop culture, I don’t watch a lot of movies or TV shows, so I have a really hard time recognizing famous people.” Thankfully, Notaro’s guest is also a big fan of this concept. “Why on Earth did you do this show?” Notaro asks Headey near the beginning of the chat. “’Cause I think you’re a mad genius,” Headey tells her.

While Notaro is able to catch on to a few of the hints given to her about her special guest star — including that she starred on Game of Thrones and has been cursed with fans constantly yelling the word “Shame!” at her (“They shout it in the street, at airports, when I’m with my children, and the word is ‘Shame!’ It’s a good one as a mother, isn’t it?”) — Notaro ends up needing to open the “Reveal” envelope to solve the big mystery. But hey, at least Headey got to trick Notaro into thinking she’s so nervous and eccentric that she demands her chair be replaced by a gorgeous throne halfway into the episode: “I thought you were spiraling. I thought you were trying to contain a panic attack!” Better luck next time, Tig.

Tig Notaro Interviews an Extremely Nervous Lena Headey