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Here’s 19 Seconds of Tony Hale Screaming ‘Trash!’ As Forky

Last weekend at Vulture Festival, Tony Hale sat down for a conversation with Claudio de Oliveira, one of the animators who helped create Hale’s character Forky for Toy Story 4. The two talked about bringing the anxious spork to life from the design process to the performance but also veered into other topics, like the value of being kind to people (e.g., the importance of the courtesy wave when someone lets you into traffic, which is extremely important to Hale) and the objective hilarity of putting googly eyes on literally anything. As a special treat for attendees, Disney sent along a few clips of Hale performing Forky’s voice in the recording booth. With the utmost pride, Vulture now presents you with 19 seconds of Hale testing out various ways to scream his character’s catchphrase, in what is really a full-body performance. And if you want more of Forky’s specific blend of curiosity and anxiety, you can see him in the short-form series Forky Asks a Question on Disney+.

Watch 19 Seconds of Tony Hale Screaming ‘Trash!’ As Forky