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Tony Hale Leaves Forky Voicemails for Friends’ Children, and Now We Want One Too

Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for New York Magazine

No animated character captured our hearts this year quite like Forky, the sweet, anxiety-riddled new toy in Toy Story 4. This weekend at Vulture Fest, the voice of Forky, Tony Hale (previously seen at the side of Julia Louis-Dreyfus whenever possible on Veep), talked with Pixar’s Claudio de Oliveira about taking on the role — and its rapturous reception. Among other things, Hale revealed that he calls friends’ kids in character as Forky. “If their kids are Forky fans, I’ll send them a voicemail,” Hale said. “Like, ‘Hey Jonathan, this is Forky. I just wanted to say hi. I hope we get to meet.’ And then I’ll be like, ‘Have you seen a trash can around here? I can’t find one, so if you see one, let me know.’” Of course, the kids love it. “My friends will videotape them getting the voicemail and they’re just like, ‘I’m sorry, Forky gave me a call?’” Hale said. “I love that stuff.”

Hale and de Oliveira also discussed the myriad Forky costumes they saw a few weeks ago on Halloween. “They are a sight,” Hale said. “They are usually terrifying,” de Oliveira added. (A quick Google search has scarred this writer.) Despite that, Hale enjoyed answering his door to Forkys this year. “When I was handing out candy, some kids came up as Forky and it was so dear,” he told de Oliveira. Now all Pixar needs to is give us the Forky–Duke Caboom buddy comedy we deserve!

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Tony Hale Leaves Forky Voicemails for Friends’ Children