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Will Ferrell and Alec Baldwin Delightfully Stumble in SNL Cold Open

Saturday Night Live continued their coverage of the Trump impeachment hearings this week with their take on the Gordon Sondland testimony. The cold open took the standard form of a press conference, with a few twists: A helicopter hovers overhead for the entire sketch and, at one point, Will Ferrell and Alec Baldwin delightfully stumble over their lines and talk over each other. It’s the highlight of what, overall, amounted to a lackluster cold open. Ferrell (in a bald cap) starred as Sondland, but there may have been some confusion over whose line came first, because Ferrell and Baldwin spend a full three seconds mumbling. Maybe it’s the bald cap, or maybe it’s the fact that these are two veteran SNL stars completely flubbing their lines, but it’s all weirdly endearing. SNL stars: They’re just like us!

Will Ferrell, Alec Baldwin Delightfully Stumble in Cold Open