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The Wizard Twins of Hotel High Is the Best Disney Channel Show that Never Existed

Thanksgiving provides the perfect conditions for a Disney+ nostalgia binge. While you’re staying in your childhood bedroom, you might as well watch a full season of Hannah Montana or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. If We Were a Movie” was so catchy! Cole Sprouse was so tiny! Looking back on these shows as an adult, though, the absurdity hits you like a pie in the face in a convoluted sitcom food fight. Like, Ionesco had nothing on the That’s So Raven episode where they turned into cows.

So last night, A Little Late with Lilly Singh made the most of guest star, Disney Channel icon, and Dollface actress Brenda Song, by “unearthing” a clip of Singh’s own fake Disney Channel show, The Wizard Twins of Hotel High. Singh plays dork twin Priya and popular twin Puja, who go to a high school for wizards that’s in a hotel. That’s also in space. Also detention’s inside of a big computer, for some reason. When Priya skips Hotel Geography class, Principal Bellhop is not having it. Her sassy catchphrase? “Uh, don’t go there!” And then there’s Song’s character, Dakota St. Shrimpton, the most popular girl in their hotel-based school who’s also a robot maybe. The eerie accuracy of the canned laughter, catchphrases, and Disneyfied sass puts this clip in “Too Many Cooks” territory. Watch the clip, and petition Disney+ to reboot The Wizard Twins of Hotel High!

Watch A Little Late with Lilly Singh’s Disney+ Fever Dream