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Harry Styles Is Your Dream Dog Boyfriend on SNL

Saturday Night Live ventured back into the delightful waters of dog-themed sketches with “Joan Song,” a sweet, charmingly loopy ode from Aidy Bryant to her dog-boyfriend, Harry Styles. We never thought we would be typing those words in that order, either, but here we are. Aidy Bryant stars as Joan, a long-suffering woman whose boyfriend was cheating on her (shame on you, Steve), before she found a hot new guy, er, dog. Joan introduces us to a chubby chihuahua shortly before he transforms into pop sensation Harry Styles, and it all makes sense in a strange, dream-logic kind of way. And don’t worry, there is indeed a bestiality disclaimer. Even if all of that doesn’t quite sound like your cup of tea, there’s also Harry Styles in a dog collar to consider.

Harry Styles Is a Dream Dog Boyfriend on SNL