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Lizzo Read Your Mean Tweets and Would Like to Know ‘Where’s Your Tour Bus,’ Hater?

Chance the Rapper truly can’t conceive of a world where someone wouldn’t like him. Billie Eilish doesn’t seem to care that people think she gets her clothes from a lost-and-found bin, which is very on brand for her. Tré Cool from Green Day does, in fact, kind of look like Ted Cruz’s steampunk younger brother. These are just a few of the revelations that the newest music edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s schadenfreude-inducing “Mean Tweets” series has wrought. While some of the musicians, like Luke Combs, conceded to their haters, others, like Lizzo and Cardi B, were ready to fight back. Don’t get it twisted — the only bus Lizzo is riding is a tour bus (straight to the bank, babe!) and you can “suck [Cardi B’s] ass” if you think she “looks loud.”

Lizzo Read Your Mean Tweets, Inquires About Your Tour Bus?