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Reba McEntire Proves She’s Still ‘Fancy,’ Has Never Let Us Down at the CMAs

You gotta hand it to Reba McEntire. Juggling double duty as a single mom who works two jobs who loves her kids and never stops and the face of KFC has gotta be exhausting, but you’d never know it after watching her perform at the CMAs. Reba stepped up to her role as special guest co-host of the 53rd CMAs with Dolly Parton and Carrie Underwood and performed her classic song, “Fancy,” about a girl named Fancy whose mama’s just trying to help her get uptown. Completely alone onstage, Reba sang her heart out, told us a story, and gave us three (three!) outfit reveals, all in the span of four minutes. While Reba’s no stranger to the limelight, it was nice to see her performance had everyone singing her praises, including record-breaking seven-time Entertainer of the Year winner Garth Brooks, who name-checked McEntire and her performance during his acceptance speech at the end of the night. Brooks is right: We want more Reba, more covers of “Fancy,” and more sensible quick changes!

Reba Proves She’ll Never Let Us Down With CMA Performance