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Sia Casually Went Undercover and Paid for a Bunch of Strangers’ Groceries

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Most of us celebrate Thanksgiving in the obvious ways: eating until we feel bloated, falling asleep in front of a rerun of The Nanny, then buying a bunch of blenders for no reason on Black Friday. Pop legend Sia chose to celebrate the giving season by going to Walmart, telling people her name was Cici, and paying for all of their groceries.

The singer, who is famously private and usually hides her face behind wigs onstage, reportedly did not tell anyone who she was, instead opting to arrive at a Palm Springs Walmart on Wednesday unannounced. According to Palm Springs’ KESQ, Sia would finish paying for one person’s groceries and simply ask, “Who’s next?”

Sia explained her generosity by telling everyone she won the lottery, but a fan quickly figured out who she was and posted a video to Twitter. She was also spotted paying for people’s clothes at a neighboring TJ Maxx, cementing her status as a chaotic holiday angel. There’s no official comment from Sia herself on this yet. Check out the videos below and witness Cici at work.

Sia Went Undercover, Paid for Strangers’ Groceries