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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Trailer: Listening to You, She Gets the Music

Next time you head into your regularly scheduled MRI, we sincerely hope you don’t (or you know what, maybe do) end up with a fate like Zoey in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: All of a sudden, the San Francisco coder has the paranormal gift of hearing everyone’s innermost thoughts through song, expensive music royalties be damned! (Seriously, the Rolling Stones ain’t cheap.) Such fun unfolds in the first trailer for the new NBC musical drama, which stars the lovely Jane Levy as the titular lead alongside Lauren Graham and Skylar Astin, as well as a whole lot of “white people drinking overpriced coffees.” It’s set to premiere on January 7, and this writer won’t be satisfied unless half of Full Moon Fever gets woven in throughout the pilot.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Trailer: World Is Her Jukebox