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All Kevin Hart Wants for Christmas Is for Anthony Davis to ‘Get the F- - - Off’ of Him

Photo: ABC

During the holidays, we all grow accustomed to sitting on each other’s laps. Families posing for holiday cards, tiny tots (with their eyes all aglow) telling Santa what they’d like for Christmas, etc. It’s not very often, though, that the roles are reversed and the larger person sits on the smaller person’s lap. However, that is precisely what happened at the Staples Center on Christmas Day as the Lakers played the Clippers. The famously large Los Angeles Laker Anthony Davis went for a three-pointer at the end of the first half and accidentally crashed into famously small comedian, Kevin Hart, who was sitting court side enjoying the festivities, landing on his lap. This prompted Hart to tell Davis to “get the fuck off of me” in a joking manner, full of Christmas cheer. The joke was on Hart, because rather than get off of Hart’s lap, Davis decided to pose for a photo with the tiny, elf-size Hart. Another famously large Laker by the name of LeBron James joined in on the fun and tried to join Davis upon Hart’s itty-bitty lap. Hart, who recently went through extensive back surgery as a result of a car crash in September, was all smiles after the ginormous duo of Davis and James eventually left his li’l pint-size lap. The entire scene was an adorable, unintentional homage to the Christmas classic “Elf (2003)”specifically that scene where Buddy sits on Papa Elf’s lap.

Kevin Hart Asks Anthony Davis to ‘Get the F- - - Off’ of Him