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Disney Finally Gives Us the Baby Yoda Plush We’ve Been Looking For

So squishy. Photo: Disney+

Bring me the Child. Specifically, this 11-inch embroidered plush doll of the Child. After fumbling the bag on Baby Yoda merchandise (okay, fine, creator Jon Favreau says it was a deliberate decision not to create merch so spoilers wouldn’t leak), Disney has unveiled a new, superior kind of Baby Yoda doll, this time 100 percent cuddly fluff. The new plush wears a “faux-suede coat and fuzzy trims” and has embroidered facial features, including his iconic infant wrinkles. He stands at 11 inches tall, roughly the size of the real Child puppet, although it’s unclear from his glamorous floor-length coat what exactly he stands on. Some (flagrantly not plush) li’l Yodas have weighted beans for feet, and others have two three-toed feet. Just like everything else surrounding the character, this doll’s feet are a mystery. One thing we can confirm, though, is the new Baby Yoda plush is already sold out. The doll cost $24.99 and was available for preorder, shipping out in February 2020. Wow, if only we could Jedi mind trick Disney into giving us more merch.

Finally! This Is the Baby Yoda Plush We’ve Been Looking For