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Billie Eilish Goes Fully Monterey Mom in Self-Directed ‘xanny’ Video

Billie Eilish isn’t old enough to buy cigarettes yet, but Mr. Convenience Store Cashier, can you please make an exception for a music video? What if she’s dressed like a 40-something mom? In the singer-songwriter’s long-awaited video for “xanny,” which she directed, various hands bombard her with cigarettes, leaving marks on her face and taking the line “I’m in their secondhand smoke” to a new level — all while Eilish sits on a park bench with a new wig and Big Little Lies–esque sweater. After the camera zooms in and out and her face is sufficiently covered in burns, she leaves in a cloud of smoke, taking that newly iconic look with her.

Billie Eilish Goes Fully Monterey Mom in New ‘xanny’ Video