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Mariah Carey and Billy Eichner Are Shining So Brightly Everywhere (on NYC’s Streets)

Frankly, we don’t think an appropriate amount of New Yorkers went through the Five Stages of Meeting Mariah Carey (bowing, fawning, gift giving, crying, and fainting) when being accosted by her in this new Billy on the Street episode. One guy with a satchel stands perfectly still for 20 seconds. Two Swedish ladies? We get some mild smiles at best — and Carey talks to them in their native native. Another gal even asks if this is for a TV show. Get yourself together, zip-coders of 10012 and 10013! Take a dose of Merry Christmas, keep it on loop, and we’ll call you in the morning.

Mariah Carey and Billy Eichner Shine So Brightly Everywhere