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Cardi B Borrowed a Coat From Maleficent for Her Court Appearance

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Cardi B — word to Nelly Furtado — is like a bird. She wants to fly away. Cardi B arrived at Queens Criminal Court for a hearing Tuesday afternoon, and when she arrived, she arrived. The rapper showed up in a black-and-white pantsuit with a black tie for added sophistication. But honestly, you might not have noticed it under the thousands of black feathers that made up her hooded coat. Looking like Maleficent, looking like a fallen angel, looking like a cunning raven, Cardi B floated up the courthouse stairs with her feathered train following behind.

Cardi came to court today for a hearing regarding an alleged altercation at Angels Strip Club in Queens last year. Two Angels bartenders, Sarah “Jade” Wattley and Rachel Wattley, had accused Cardi B of assault and of ordering her entourage to attack them. The rapper was charged and arrested in October 2018. Earlier this year, Cardi pleaded not guilty to two felony counts and several lesser counts including harassment, reckless endangerment, and conspiracy for a purported incident. (Cardi’s husband, Offset, is rumored to have cheated on her with Jade, who is currently dating Tekashi 6ix9ine.) At the hearing, prosecutors and defense discussed social-media evidence gathering, per Entertainment Tonight. Another hearing is set for January 17, which Cardi B will not attend. But if she did … you know she’d be in head-to-toe Swarovski crystals.

Cardi B Borrows Coat From Maleficent for Court Appearance