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The Come to Daddy Trailer Stars Elijah Wood Having a Terrible Family Reunion

Ant Timpson has produced quite a few feature films, such as Turbo Kid and Deathgasm, but now he has hopped into the director’s chair for Come to Daddy. A genre-festival darling in 2019, Daddy stars Elijah Wood as a man reconnecting with his father after years of estrangement. Stephen McHattie plays the dad, who reached out and invited his son to his remote home and is clearly a guy who has his own way of doing things — sometimes even very dangerous and threatening things. (Maybe there’s a reason Mom didn’t talk about him much, and you should have taken that seriously, Elijah!) The movie has been regarded for its brutality and madness, so if that’s your bag, get excited for that February 7 theatrical-release date.

Come to Daddy Trailer: Elijah Wood’s Terrible Family Reunion