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Grimes Is One Step Closer to Being a Cyborg in Her Game Awards Performance

Grimes debuted her song for Cyberpunk 2077, “4 ÆM” at the Game Awards on December 12 in Los Angeles. The artist occasionally known as c is also voicing a character in the game named Lizzy Wizzy. Now if I asked you to tell me which is the genetically modified semi-robot in a cyberpunk hellscape starring a GCI Keanu Reeves, would you say (a) Lizzy Wizzy, (b) Grimes, or (c) a lowercase letter “C,” representing the speed of light in Einstein’s theory of relativity? Tough question, right? The Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack will also feature tracks from A$AP Rocky, Run the Jewels, and Refused.

Grimes Debuts ‘4ÆM’ at Game Awards