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Halsey Releases New Single with SUGA of BTS and Gets a Little Bit Country in New Video

Halsey, coming off a strongly worded AMAs speech, gifted fans not only with a new single featuring SUGA from BTS, but also with a music video for another new single, both from her new album, Manic. The first single, appropriately called “SUGA’s Interlude,” features SUGA rapping and Halsey singing a moody, vague hook: “I’ve been trying all my life / To separate the time / In between the having it all and giving it up.” This is Halsey’s second collaboration with BTS, the first being “Boy With Luv” back in April. The singer tweeted about the two singles on Wednesday, noting that they are “two very different songs. Two very dreamy stories.”

Different indeed. The second single, “Finally // beautiful stranger,” is a pop-country ballad, the likes of which has never been heard from Halsey. The music video features Halsey channeling Lady Gaga’s Ally from A Star Is Born, as she sings with raspy sadness in a dusty bar. She is also wearing cowboy boots, in case the point wasn’t clear. Manic is set to drop January 17, 2020. In the meantime, check out the two singles above.

Halsey Releases New Single With SUGA of BTS & New Video