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Exes Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Catch Up Over a Dinner of Cod Sperm and Water Scorpion

Hey, what’s going on, everybody? From The Late Late Show, he’s Harry Styles and you’re watching “Gross Ones.” It’s the show with gross food and even grosser questions. Harry Styles hosted The Late Late Show Tuesday night, filling in for James Corden, who is both shooting a movie and mentally preparing for when Cats comes out on December 20. The guest tonight was none other than international model and Harry Styles’s (rumored) ex, Kendall Jenner. Hot famous people forced to eat gross food for our enjoyment? It’s what we deserve. After chugging a salmon smoothie, Jenner refuses to tell us who the most surprising celeb to slide into her DMs is, even though she could’ve been like “Harry Edward Styles” and started some lovely late-night drama. Anyway, she eats a tiny piece of bull penis instead. Styles, a hosting master now that he’s done double-duty on SNL, artfully dodges some of the riskier questions, like ranking the One Direction members’ solo careers. And as a result, he has cod sperm and water scorpion for dinner. Nutritious and delicious. The cuisine is a little different, but “Spill You Guts or Fill Your Guts” certainly captures how it feels to have a meal with your ex. (It’s the constant threat of vomiting.)

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Share a Dinner of Cod Sperm