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The ‘Stinky’ Man Returns in This Deleted Scene From I Think You Should Leave

Christmas is a little over a week away, but thanks to Netflix, we have a very special gift to give you early. At Vulture Festival in Los Angeles earlier this year, we sat down with I Think You Should Leave’s Tim Robinson, Zach Kanin, Akiva Schaffer, and Ruben “You Have No Good Car Ideas” Rabasa for a deep-dive oral history of the “Focus Group” sketch. There, we learned that Rabasa actually appeared in another sketch from the series, but his appearance sadly didn’t make the final cut. The full version of the “Laser Spine Specialists” sketch from the third episode, featuring Conner O’Malley, actually ends with Rabasa playing another musician at the record label, who walks in while Robinson’s recording and sings his very catchy new song “Mall Baby.” Unlike this new Rabasa character, the real Rabasa is very much a star. Enjoy the fresh clip and the fresh memes.

‘Stinky’ Man Returns in Bonus I Think You Should Leave Clip