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John Mulaney Holds Intense, Fosse-Style Auditions for His Cute Netflix Children’s Special

There’s pandering, and then there’s staging an elaborate homage to the audition scene from All That Jazz in an ad for your variety special, and to the latter, we say thank you. John Mulaney put together a little Fosse-esque homage for his Christmas special John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch, which features sketches and musical numbers in the style of an old-fashioned kids’ show. Some of Mulaney’s Documentary Now collaborators also worked on the special, including director Rhys Thomas and composer Eli Bolin, who wrote the music for Co-op, and onscreen are a bunch of kids, who were rigorously subjected to the very intense audition process that apparently was primarily focused on being real cute. The special drops on December 24, a nice Christmas present to everyone everywhere, but especially to those who are musical-obsessed and live in New York and spend too much time on the internet.

John Mulaney Holds Harsh Auditions for Netflix Kids’ Special